Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Blog,New day this is my brain on blogging

This is my brain, while I blog, sitting, waiting, for my son to come home from a day of fantasy reality game playing, while I live in my out of focus world, where am I...

Ahh... reality today with the help of the Internet and plastic cards in super sized stores ( which are killing the traditional mom and pop stores and the social aware being that I am, am helping them) I finished the wonderful traditional of buy love and affection with money, rather than hand crafting items of heartfelt love and joy. I spent way too much, on too little to profit the corporate world that I oppose and wish to tear down, but that will be next year when my money has diminished to the point of social consciousness. Down with the Big box stores, protect the less fortunate, power to the people

Dark Tower Series downloadable audiobook files

Wow, after just downloading the Dark Tower Series by checking them out from the Library, I find this site that has all the audio book files for free:

Long url hope you can copy all of it, if not email me and I will send it to you :)

The Dark Tower by Stephen King

This reminds me of the rose in the Dark Tower Book Series by Stephen King.
The 30 year wait for the series to complete was worth the wait, But now I can read
all seven.Originally it was going to be eleven books series, but his near death
experience, shorten it to seven, so that he did not pass over prior to finishing
the series,