Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown, RIP: Christmas in Heaven.

The Godfather of Soul died today. He was 73. James Brown was one of the most influential figures in American pop culture history. Link to Wikipedia bio, and here's coverage in the NYT. Here are some links to vintage video of him in performance: Eyesight, Super Bad, I Feel Good, It's A Man's World, Please Please, Sex Machine, at the Olympia, Soul Power, Ed Sullivan, and an unusual TV interview (shorter clip here) Mr. Brown did when he was in an chemically altered state of consciousness after having been released from jail.

Reader comment: Andrew Tonkin says,

FYI James recorded a song called "Christmas in Heaven" (Amazon Link) - creepy man, it's like he KNEW.

Here's an MP3 of "Christmas in Heaven" via Loudersoft:

(tip of the hat to Boing Boing for info)

Well the hardest working man in show business finally gets to rest. Been listening to James Brown songs in between Christmas songs, interesting combo. Thanks for all the sweat drenched memories. May you be happy in the after life without all the little jabs of disrespect that were piled up on you, IRS, divorces, etc. We all loved you, gregor

December 26th Just found this BBC article:
Blogger is still not letting me up load photos, it's worth a good look at a great man
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