Friday, February 15, 2008

Grateful Dead - Eyes of the World pt 2 - 6-17-91

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Grateful Dead perform Eyes of the World at Giants Stadium with Bruce Hornsby on keyboards. Yo Vinnie!

Grateful Dead - Eyes of the World pt 2 - 6-17-91

Grateful Dead - Eyes of the World pt 1 - 6-17-91

Now this is the real deal

Grateful Dead perform Eyes of the World at Giants Stadium with Bruce Hornsby on keyboards. Yo Vinnie! 7:11 minutes, but hold on part 2 right above this video.

Eyes of the World - Grateful Dead

Sometimes you're the Windshield, sometimes you're the Bug.

GWAR released with This toilet Earth

This song is actually from the GWAR album This Toilet Earth, but was never in the Skulhedface movie (the movie GWAR released with This toilet Earth)4:07 minutes

Rendezvous with RagNaRok is a performance film by the band GWAR coinciding with their 1995 album RagNaRok, though the video was released in early 1997 (much of the footage was from 1996). The bulk of the video is concert footage, with a mock interview interspersed between each song.

Flattus Maximus speaks more in this video than in any other recording to date. It is also the only footage with Peter Lee speaking as Flattus; the character was played by two extras (Lee was recovering from a gunshot wound) in Skulhedface, and Flattus and JiZMak never said anything during Dawn of the Day of the Night of the Penguins.

The main concept of the movie is that a paranormal investigator, Mason Temple (played by Bob Gorman), is interrogating GWAR members about the coming of the comet RagNaRok. Flattus Maximus, Beefcake the Mighty, a dis-armed Techno Destructo and Balsac the Jaws of Death offer accounts as to exactly what happened in the concerts. During the concert, grey aliens come and take a sperm sample of Oderus Urungus for reasons yet unknown. With this sperm sample, they inseminate Slymenstra Hymen, who gives birth further into the show. After giving birth (with the "Fire In The Loins" footage), the infant is abducted by Synnite warriors, who announce the coming of Cardinal Syn. Their reason for abducting the newborn is not revealed until Syn arrives - Cardinal Syn is a robot, powered by the soul of an infant with a high level of Jizmoglobin (previously mentioned in Skulhedface). With Syn's arrival, the band is utterly defeated, until they are finally able to (literally) disarm the robot, and open his chest cavity (which reveals his power source).

Monday, February 11, 2008

Anonymous vs. Scientology protest in LA today

Posted by Xeni Jardin, February 10, 2008 7:30 PM |USE THIS LINK TO GET FULL STORY AND A TIP OF THE HAT TO BOINGBOING.NET permalink

Sean Bonner writes on (where he and other contributors have been covering this story for weeks):

Since I first posted about Anonymous Vs. Scientology I've been following it rather closely which you've probably noticed. When the Feb 10th call to action I knew things were getting interesting. Then Newsweek picked up the story and photos started trickling in from other protests around the world this morning. I've been following the coordination efforts and planning to attend the protest today to take photos and see how many people would actually show up. In fact when I posted asking how many people you all thought might be there the response seemed to imply that most people thought no one would really show up. As Mack posted this morning that was pretty far off, and from my count over 300 people were there.

Link to full post with photos
. Images: Sean Bonner.

Below, a "Frosty Ice Co." truck presumed to be a Scientology mobile surveillance unit, with cameras inside, to document the protestors -- some of whom were masked, others not.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ronald McDonald insanity

About This Video Be sure you fasten your seatbelt. I warned you!!!
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Ron... (more)
Added: January 01, 2008
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Ronald remix mp3: (if link is expired, please send me a msg)
MIRROR (thanks terogweth!):

Original song (first part) mp3: (thanks KuresunaZero!)

Original song (2nd part) mp3: (thanks, akira54vv!)

Another wacky Ronald McDonald clip from nicovideo. No words can describe this.

This is a remix of "U.N. Owen was her?" from 'The Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil' (a freeware game made by ZUN) soundtrack. (thanks UnicornFire, for the correction)

No, I didn't make this, and yes, I now know this same video was posted on Youtube just a few hours before I posted it. We both got it from It seems the other video was featured on some prominent Japanese site so thats why it has x10 the views this one has.

M.C.ドナルドはダンスに夢中なのか?最終鬼畜道化師ドナルド・M (less)