Monday, November 27, 2006

Orange color's and I thought Halloween was over...

Orange River

With Halloween being over in the USA, I am still reminded of it daliy in SLC (Salt Lake City) the recycling company passes out orange or black bags, so in front of many homes it looks like giant Halloween candy, that we got in the 60's stale, chewy, stick to your teeth candy. So my spectacles view giant candies laying around in peoples yard.

When I was a hippie and owned land at 10,000 feet, 2th ridge from the continental divide in a national forest. I wanted to construct a giant milk carton (on it's side and a giant napkin and a partial eaten sandwich (each item about about 50feet by 50 to 75 feet depending on the item) so airline folks would think that it was a giant's leftovers from lunch :-). Just a 60's hippie's idea of a joke and to remind folks not to litter, as it can be seen everywhere in real life. I was the same guy who put telephone booths on 4 wheel drive roads, next to a local newspaper machine with local papers(not of current date) I liked to make people think and would laugh when I would watch folks, try to use the phone (with today technology I could have had a dial tone, just to stretch out the game)also had stop signs and no left turn signs (thanks Colorado Highway Department) above 11,000 feet, Go away four wheel drivers, who can't stay on the road, back in my Hayduke days :-), Ed Abby was a hero figure to me

But here is TODAY'S VIEW the The Río Tinto is a river in southwestern Spain, in the Sierra Morena mountains of Andalusia. It flows generally south-southwest, reaching the Gulf of Cádiz at Huelva. The Río Tinto, or Red River in English, is notable for being very acidic, and has a deep reddish hue due to the iron dissolved in the water. The river area has a history of mining activity since the Phoenician era: primarily for copper but also some iron and manganese.(thanks to wikipedia for the info)

Tharsis on this river was the location of King Solomon's mines. From this area got Iberia the Tharsis in the Bible and later on the sephardic jews their home name.

The extreme conditions in the river may be analogous to other locations in the solar system thought to contain liquid water, such as subterranean Mars. NASA scientists have also directly compared the chemistry of the water in which the rocks of Meridiani Planum were deposited in the past with the Río Tinto.[1] Likewise Jupiter's moon Europa is theorized to contain an acidic ocean of water underneath its ice surface. Thus the river is of interest to astrobiologists.

So orange is the color of the day as I see it, through these lens...

What is going to happen when I go to India to get new glasses, just a different perspective

And a special thanks to the folks around me that know how to spell, spell check sure has a been challenge with me at the keyboard. I can only laugh at what spell check thinks that I am attempting to spell.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

This "wooden" airplane surfaced in Ukraine, a cool "Victorian" mod

Today's scratched view through my spectacles brings this sight. Note I do "borrow" some text in this blog to compensate for my limited vocabulary, with scratched spectacles and lack of spelling skills. A special thanks for spell check or this blog would look like chicken scratches.

One of the Ukrainian small plane manufacturers Aeroprakt Company has come up with an interesting plane modification: NOTE: I need some help as the page is written in Ukrainian,which is not one of the languages that I speak, so if any one can translate the page, you would gain much merit and I could find out how to buy or acquire one so I can expand my limited view with my spectacles.

As you have observed until I am on the road to India, most of my views will be of interesting or unusual objects animated or static, living on the Internet. But turn me loose at the next Ardh
Kumbh Mela: Allahabad, India January, 2007 with it's expected plus or minus 50 million folks we will see some different views of life in India

Read or view with caution as my
spectacles are scratched and what I see may be different than your's.

Speaking of scratches teenage son just rushed into our house, as he forgot to print something for his D&D game today, he is on crutches due to an injury he got larping(live action role playing) and scared our cat, aptly named Pandora , she got out of the house and as in the legend
pandemonium began to reign. It ended with about 10 of my son's friends from the D&D group
combing the neighborhood, loose dogs and all. But with a stroke of luck Pandora was found and returned to her frantic owner, who was in the middle of seasonal decorations as a good friend was expected at any moment. But luck was on our side and all is well, heartbeats slowing down and life returning to it's fragile state of normalcy. Tragedy averted.

So back to
foggy view and your chance to translate the Ukrainian page and send it to me, please. I want to build my own airplane although legos are challenging at times. so that brings me to other dream per project.

Mitsuoka Motors in Japan sells neat car kits. (thanks for Boing Boing for the link and text):

[The K4] is composed of more than 500 parts and takes approximately 40 hours to assemble. The Kit-Car measures just under 2.5 meters (eight feet) long and can run at up to 50 kilometers (31 miles) an hour. The expected cost of each of this vehicle is US $6,460. To produce this fine looking grown up go kart:

If interested more information and the whole line up of Do It Your self cars go to Splurch

Well time for me to squint as I fly or drive in to the sunset of my imagination with my scratched spectacles. Fly straight and drive right.