Thursday, January 31, 2008

School Cancels Lunches Due To Oil Price Increase

People all over the world have been hit with the rising prise of oil. Some decide to drive less while others carpool more. A select few take more extreme measures, like a Yokohama Elementary school who decided to cancel lunches.

The Yokohama city education board announced that Ekoda Elementary School would cancel lunch and classes on two days in January as higher oil prices led to food cost increases. Meal costs for the school up to October already surpassed initial estimates by nearly 10%.

The schools prepare their own lunches and receive about $35.00 a month from the students and the schools cannot increase the charge.

This will be the first recorded incident where a school is going to be closed due to rising oil prices and a government official is quoted as calling it “unusual nationwide”.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Gaming Child Prodigy in Action

January 20th, 2008

We often see videos of teenage kids completely dominating various games like Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero 3.

It amazes us that someone could perfect a game so well and has us wondering how many hours did it take them a day to get this good.

Recently we saw one prodigy to top them all. This little kid must be around 5 years old, or younger, and is just amazing.

If you watch till the end of the video you will even see him walk away as if it was the easiest thing he had to do all day long.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Follow Me, Follow You: Couples Tracking Service

Trust is obviously an issue in many relationships. Is she really with her friends shopping and did he really have a business meeting go late? Sometimes even with the best of situations, you can still find yourself wondering… are they really where they say they are.

In Hong Kong, you don’t have to worry anymore. A service that allows individuals to sign up and be tracked on their mobile phone, has been quite successful in putting people’s minds at ease.

With over 10,000 subscribed members, “Follow Me, Follow You” costs about $28.00 a month and offers subscriber unlimited searches to track the other subscribers through their mobile phone signal.

Although we introduce the service as a way of tracking for worried couples, many people use the service to do much more. Parents can watch their children and others use it to monitor their elderly parents. Some couples use it just to be able to find each other in a densely populated city that holds 6.9 million people.

The service requires both parties consent.