Thursday, January 25, 2007

Back One day

Back less than one day, hope to have photos soon, friends are sending, since my $2,000 camera and gear went belly up first time I tried to take photo in India. Kept getting cf errors, when tried to format card got cf error 99 (contact dealer) I will for sure shortly. Son has video, that we need to clean up and put on line.

type at you soon gregor

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Camera Failed first day

Namaste all Jan 21st,

The computer I as sending this from is loading photos sowly, but they are there.

My expensive camera failed the first day, first photo, I went to shoot a photo and got CF ERROR, when I went to menu to format bkak card, I got CE 99 (smiley face keys are missing, so frowning) I tried this with three cards and one that I have used for 3 years. There was no electrical hookup to camera when tring touseit. Tried with AA (several sets of new) battries and cannon rechargeable batterys. Got CF ERROR and wheb I went to format cf cards got ER 99 (see camerdealer, 2500 miles away), So I hauled about $2,000 USD of wothless junk about India, as as carry on, si no more damage could happen to the camer,

But as I said everyone is sending copies of there photo, so there will be many to see.

So no photos today, but I get new glasses tomorrow (Big smiley face)

Also took notes, so will be avalible to add stories soon as I get to states on 25th but maybe a day later.

Thanks or being patience ans am getting coppies of othersphotos and Marley Sage has about 3-4 hours of video, sothere will be sroties, photos, rts,

I only got Delhi Belly for about 12 hours (Big smiley)

Namaste to all and metta.

I had my horoscope done by one of the top men in the profesion and he had good things to say. With in next 10 years I will travel alot, have a good business out side of the US and all my money needs will be met,

In 2010 I will make a new friend and good things will happen.

I shall have alot of support from my children and marlet sages mother and Ishould not liove to getter, He liked the idea of me getting a motor home to use as a home base.

All and for the nest 19 years all things were on a posive light, I should take up yoga and continue my vipassana pratice, He see's where my back was concerened to take it easy, Continue taking my Hep C meds

In 2010 I may neet anew friend, but expect to travel a lotover thecomming years

That all I have to say for now other than muc hmetta, gregor